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Portland, OR


S & S Photo consists of sisters Shelly and Shirley. We live and work in Portland, Oregon and have enjoyed our photography hobby for years. Over time as our skills improved so did our photos. I noticed that our photos could compete with those we were seeing in the nature magazines we subscribe to.

Imagine our surprise when I submitted some of our material to different places and actually began to receive positive responses. That led me search for other places to sell our photos. Again imagine our surprise and delight when the photos actually began to sell for publication in magazines and calendars. Only problem was that we could only load and sell photos that were approved by some arbitrary group of unknown and unseen people.

That is turn led me to search out some place we could post and sell the photos we wanted; thus S and S Photo Gallery was born. Our photos are mainly wildlife, landscapes and what mother nature has to offer, but we do take a picture of anything that catches our eye.

I pride myself on posting only the photos I would want to buy. All of the photos posted here are just as they were taken, no corrections have been made; therefore we have a lot of photos that are still good quality, but not what I call "Web" quality. If you see something you like and would like see the rest of what I have in that series, just let me know and I will make arrangement to get some thumbnails of what I have.

We take several trips a year each summer and then I spend the winter processing and posting the photos. Watch our blog for notification of the new photos that have been posted.

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. Please come back again.

Shirley and Shelly

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